Vourvourou is located on the eastern side of Sithonia, the second foot in Halkidiki and has a beautiful, unique and natural environment.

Vourvourou is considered a seasonal seaside town which travelers come to every year to enjoy the ecological paradise and to enjoy a relaxing holiday. The environment combines mountains and forest green with the clean, warm sea which makes it easy to please everyones preference. Most of Vourvourou beaches are on the shallow coastal side which ensures warm waters throughout the year, and for those who prefer deeper more refreshing waters there are several to choose from.

Opposite of Vourvourou, around 1000 meters, lies the uninhabited island Diaporos as well as a cluster of smaller islands that create one of the most desired seas. On the coast line of Vourvourou there are coffee bars, taverns and restaurants with excellent dining and low prices. There are many places to choose from to enjoy a swim, starting from Cape Ritsos, Lagonisi, the Dimitrakos, Platani, the Plevmatikos, the Fteroti, and the Karidi in Xifara to name a few and from the islands, one of a kind is Agios Isidoro, Diaporos.