Beaches near by

Vourvourou is known for its choices of beaches, from sandy and shallow to rocky and deep waters.

The most popular beach is Karidi beach, located only 1000 meters from our hotel. It has warm shallow waters that make it very welcoming to families and child friendly. Soft white sand invites children to play and make castles, while parents enjoy the feel against their feet. For those with the thrill of deeper waters, right beside Karidi beach is 'Karidi 2' which boast deeper waters and stones to pick and save as souvenirs. Fava is another popular beach known for its breath taking view of Mount Athos and crystal clear waters, on a windy day children and adults alike play in the waves.

There are many more hidden beaches waiting for your discovery! Outside of Vourvourou there are other beaches such as Lagonisi, Trani Amoudia near Ormos Panagias that offer a change of scenery. Towards Sarti beaches such as Kavourotripes await your visit, as do many of the other beaches that lines Kassandra.

For those who prefer organized beaches, with seats and beach bars, there are several choices near by that are open day and night.

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